Ultimate Profile of Swedish Flower Hen

This is the ultimate profile you need to know about Swedish Flower Hen. It is an ancient landrace, a Heritage Breed, which was first mentioned in folklore literature more than 300 years earlier.

A chicken with such a pretty-sounding name needs to be one of a kind and the Swedish Flower Chickens (Skånsk Blommehöna) is certainly that. The name equates as ‘Skane Bloom-hen’; extremely suitable since the feathers remind you of blossoms.

It was reasonably unknown beyond its’ native land of Sweden until 2010, when a couple of were imported to the United States.

Also in its’ very own nation, it was virtually unidentified up until the 1980s when its’ plight came to the interest of Swedish preservationists as it was stammering on the brink of extinction.

In this write-up, we will discuss whatever you require to know about the Swedish Flower Hen, including its temperament, egg-laying capacity, understood health and wellness worries, and also far more.

History of Swedish Flower Hen

swedish flower hen history

The Swedish Flower Hen has the difference of being a landrace hen. Landrace birds were not ‘crafted’ by mankind however rather adjusted normally to the environment in which they lived. The weak did not endure (Darwin’s concept at work).

They progressed to come to be experienced at survival in the in some cases severe climate of southerly Sweden and became the traditional farm chicken of that area.

Its origins can just be presumed at, it is most likely that seafarers’ and also settlers brought hens to remote negotiations in profession for other points and additionally as a food source.

It was blogged about at least 300 years back in different papers from that period.

They would certainly have added eggs and meat to the farmer, and also the plumes were made use of to fill comforters. It’s unlikely that they were cared for as animals. They would have looked after themselves and also did a great job of it as well.

As with lots of older types, the rise of the industrial chicken almost saw the termination of this lovely, hardy bird.

By the 1970s’ very few were left in Sweden. They located a couple of isolated flocks, and a repair and reproducing strategy was put into place by the Swedish Genetic Project.

The object of the Project is to raise the understanding and also varieties of this threatened varieties as well as preserve their standing as a heritage hen.

Swedish Flower Hen Overview

swedish flower hen overview

They are not as well understood as various other breeds, the Swedish Flower Hen is an awesome dual-purpose breed with outstanding egg laying capacities.

You will certainly never ever know what your Swedish Flower Hen will resemble.

It takes time for the coloring as well as plumes to fully establish, but it will deserve the delay!

The shock is practically like opening up a birthday present and there are a selection of colors possible consisting of: blue, black and also red. Many will use flower-like spots and also have white-tipped feathers too.

Their tranquil as well as independent temperament is unmatched.

They are additionally really self-dependent which makes them best for both first time keepers and individuals without a great deal of time on their hands. Swedish Flower Hens will largely maintain to themselves however will substantially value your focus once in a while.

Due to the fact that this is a landrace type they are normally extremely healthy and balanced and not susceptible to any certain health and wellness issues.

This breed is not very well-known as well as is thought about endangered.

So if you have area in your flock you must consider this gorgeous as well as unique type.

Swedish Flower Hen Superiority

swedish flower hen superiority
  • This type’s feather pattern is exceptionally unique. There is a great deal of difference even within the type and no poultry will certainly resemble the other.
  • Due to the fact that they are a landrace chicken they are genetically and also physically durable.
  • Swedish Flower Hens have a calmness as well as non-aggressive temperament which makes them wonderful for households with children and also various other house pets.
  • These poultries are outstanding twin objective chickens. They are good egg layers and will grow to a charitable size also.
  • Although their eggs start little they will quickly expand in size as the hen matures.

Swedish Flower Hen Appearance

swedish flower hen appearance

This type has no official requirement as they have actually not been accepted right into the American Poultry Association yet. This enables a lot of difference in their appearance. This variant is likewise due to the fact that they are a landrace type.

The Swedish Flower Hen was normally as well as randomly reproduced for survival as opposed to look.

Although they are recognized for their flower-like places on their plumes, not every hen will wear them.

Brush designs will certainly also widely differ as well.

Some birds will have floppy combs whilst others will certainly have less floppy combs. Generally they will certainly have a solitary serrated comb.

Size and Weight

The Swedish Flower Chicken is a tool sized type.

Chickens will evaluate around five extra pounds and roosters can weigh approximately eight extra pounds.

Color Varieties

This type comes in a significant selection of different colors. These shades include: black, blue, red, orange as well as brownish.

White-tipped feathering is likewise an usual pattern with this type, however once more not all hens will certainly have them.

Flower-like areas are common too.

Temperament and Egg Laying

temperament egg laying

The Swedish Flower chicken is a confident, tranquil, as well as positioned bird. It can function well independently when foraging for food and gets along towards the flock caretaker, especially if deals with are forthcoming.

Also the fowls are non-aggressive, although they can crow loudly so that close next-door neighbors might be irritated.

The bird is durable to a large array of temperatures. The Swedish Blossom chicken enjoys to free-range, is predator savvy, as well as appreciates its self-reliance, although they tolerate arrest.

They are likewise called quick students and also fantastic birds.

Egg Laying

These chickens will certainly stock the area of 150-200 eggs each year. Eggs begin tiny yet quickly come to be significant to extra-large in size. The egg shade is a light off-white color.

The hens make great mommies when enabled to be broody however are not known to be obsessively broody. Around 1/3 of chickens will go broody if allowed.

The uninterest in going broody might have been partially responsible for decreasing their numbers.

Chicks are reasonably quick to develop, and also the poultry itself is a long-lived bird, 10 years old, not being unusual.

Swedish Flower Hen Facts

swedish flower hen facts
  1. Swedish Flower Hens are Sweden’s biggest poultry breed.
  2. Sadly these chickens are presently taken into consideration jeopardized.
  3. They are considered a landrace breed which implies they are the outcome of natural breeding as well as choice without any human interference.
  4. Although this type has a faithful following they have actually not yet been formally identified by the American Poultry Association and are consequently not a main breed.
  5. These hens thrive in colder environments because they normally established in Sweden.

Swedish Flower Hen Care Guide

feeding swedish flower hen

Health Issues

Since this type is landrace they are really healthy and balanced chickens without any details wellness concerns you ought to watch out for.

Nevertheless you should still look out for the usual lice and bloodsuckers, just like you would for any other type.

Ensure you supply enough shade and also water in warmer climates to make sure that your hens do not get too hot. You will certainly not have to stress concerning your Swedish Flower Hen ending up being too cold as they are well fit to cooler environments.


Just like all chickens you must make use of a top quality feed that provides your hens with all the necessary nutrients and also proteins that they require.

It is additionally crucial to see to it your hens are obtaining sufficient calcium and also healthy protein in their diet plan as well.

You can examine this by seeing if their egg coverings are too thin or of a normal thickness. You have the choice of complimentary feeding or scheduled feedings.

Free feeding is when you supply an endless supply of food whatsoever times throughout the day. Set up feedings are where you feed your poultries on a set timetable. Free feeding as well as arranged feedings are both acceptable approaches of feeding your poultries.

Coop Setup and Roaming

Each Swedish Flower Chicken ought to be offered at the very least 4 square feet of room inside the coop.

Where feasible do not hesitate to give them a lot more.

You must intend to give them one nesting box for every 3 chickens. You do not need to give anymore than this because they are not susceptible to broodiness and also will consequently not spend a great deal of time inside the nesting boxes.

This type will love to stroll the fields as they appreciate being outside and exploring their new areas daily.

Nonetheless if you do need to maintain them in a run then see to it is risk-free and also secure from any kind of killers in the location.

This type does tolerate arrest well yet you need to still intend to give them a minimum of eight square feet of run space.

Surprisingly if your hens have the flower-like places on them after that they will be able to conceal from predators using their natural camouflage.

Is This Chicken Breed Right For You?

is swedish flower hen breed for you

The Swedish Flower Hen is unquestionably attractive to take a look at as well as is available in a wide variety of colors.

The chickens generate a decent quantity of eggs each week. The bird will dress out to a respectable weight as a dual-purpose chicken.

They are a non-aggressive breed, pleasant, as well as incredibly social, appropriate for youngsters. As they are not identified as a type, the exhibit would be solely for breed acknowledgment right now.

They would make a great task bird for young farmers or first-timers given that they are basically problem-free and can work well separately of the keeper if permitted.

They are very healthy and balanced. No condition or joint illness have been noted for this breed. As always, watch for ectoparasites.


Swedish Blossom Hens are prominent today thanks to a few enterprising breeding grounds that are attempting to obtain the type accepted as a suitable yard chicken.

Prices can vary significantly with this bird, from $1 to $.00 -30.00. Just like all points– buyers beware of the affordable bargains.

They seem to be capable of being rather independent, although numerous sources claim they seek human business and also are friendly to their caretakers.

Swedish Flower Hens are incredibly practical and easy-to-keep.

Not just this yet they have a very distinct look.

Because of their landrace origins they are less likely to get ill as well as are fully equipped to endure in chilly regions.

And also who can resist their absolutely unique and also lovely feathers?

Not only does the breed have a distinct appearance however each poultry will look different because of their great genetic variant.

Although they are unusual and on the costlier side, this is still a wonderful type.

By embracing a Swedish Flower Hen right into your flock you would be doing your part in aiding to expand their population.

Hopefully this type will certainly eventually come to be as preferred as several other legendary types.

Do you have Swedish Flower Hens? If so, tell us about them in the comments section below…

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