The Sapphire Gem Chicken: What You Need To Know?

Just hear about Sapphire Gem Chicken? then here’s what you need to know…

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What is Sapphire Gem Chicken?

Sapphire Gem Chicken Hen
Sapphire Gem Chicken

Sapphire Gem is all the craze for novelty as well as specialty chicken fanciers known as the Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock or Blue Plymouth Rock

Searching the internet for information on this rare range will certainly probably lead you down a dead-end road or to the neighborhood jewelers’ web sites.

There is clashing details on this variety of chicken, however one thing every person appears to agree on is that this bird is a brand-new favorite.

The Sapphire Treasure is not an actual breed of chicken, and not acknowledged by the APA.

Most hatcheries that offer this little gem are obscure in their descriptions, and that’s most likely since it’s a brand-new range of chicken.

This chick can only be acquired from a handful of hatcheries, and also it even appears as though one hatchery has the name Sapphire Treasure trademarked.

What we do know about this strange chicken is that the Sapphire Gem is a cross between heritage and hybrid poultries and also was established in the Czech Republic.

This valued bird is claimed to be crossed with a Blue Plymouth rock and a Disallowed Plymouth Rock.

Since the popularity and enjoyment over the Easter Egger has actually begun to diminish, numerous chicken lovers are being glad at the enhancement of another fun chicken to include some flavor to their flock.


Sapphire Gem Chickens video explanation


The Sapphire Gem is a sex-linked chicken range of chick, which indicates that their gender can be determined quickly after they hatch out simply by observing the colors of their plumes.

This characteristic is triggered by cross reproducing poultries.

An additional important note regarding the bedazzling appeals is that they do not reproduce real.

If you are new to chicken lingo, this means that if you breed 2 Sapphire Gems, you will not always obtain another Sapphire Treasure.


The Sapphire Gem will capture your eye with their lavender and blue feathering if you love exotic shades in your group.

The roosters are normally blue with a white dot on his head while the chickens are mainly blue with a necklace-like ring of gold or grey decorating her neck.

There are some that go gaga for these shades, and also some that appear to show up their noses.

So, it’s risk-free to state that reviews on appearance appear to be blended.

The Sapphire Treasure has an upright appearance, similar to that of a Plymouth Rock, as a result of its genetics and also she sports a single comb atop her alert little head.


The Sapphire Gem is a medium-sized chicken. She will not overlook your Easter Eggers neither cower under the Brahma. They are a middle-of-the flock dimension and can hold their own among a mixed group of poultries.


Big, brownish, eggs are the Sapphire Treasure’s specialized, and it’s an usual false impression that this chicken lays blue eggs because she is commonly puzzled with the Sapphire chicken (a small white bird that lays brilliant blue eggs).

This little engine-that-can generates year round, and also has actually been claimed to injure to a whopping 290 eggs per year! So, as you can see, her objective is production and is not typically made use of as a meat chicken.

Cold Hardy

The Sapphire Gem chicken does well in all environments with reports of standing up to cold wintertimes with poise and also without decreased production.

Just like various other single-combed breeds, it is a good idea to shield the Sapphire Treasure from frostbite during the colder months to avoid their combs from falling off near the end of the season.


Sapphire Treasures are wonderful free-range candidates if you such as to let your hens run totally free.

They are exceptional foragers and also have no trouble finding the tastiest morsels in the yard.

While they are a tranquil selection of chicken, they are also sharp and also aware of predators, that makes them even much better off if they have the run of the lawn.


Raving followers will happily tell any person that will pay attention, just how extremely tranquil as well as manageable this chicken is.

Photos are distributing of the Sapphire Treasure smoothly oversleeping the arms as well as hands of their adoring owners.

They are claimed to like to cuddle as well as are one of the sweetest ranges of chicken for the kids.

While this chicken is the brand-new “It Girl” on the scene, there is still unknown regarding the beginnings and also where to obtain her.

You can bet that the popularity she has actually already gotten will just continue to grow, perhaps even as fast as that of the Easter Egger!

13 thoughts on “The Sapphire Gem Chicken: What You Need To Know?”

  1. We added sapphire gems to our flock this year along with golden comets. We actually ended up giving the golden comets to a friend because they were such bullies to everyone. The sapphire gems are so friendly to my kids and so accepting of other chicken breeds. They’ve been super hardy with no health issues and lay every day.

  2. I ordered in 10 from Iowa shipped to Indiana. They are all doing great. They are 6 weeks old and have feathered out nicely. Moved them to a bigger area in there final phase. Very predictor safe and warm.

  3. I have a small flock and I can tell you that my two sapphire gems are the best layers, and one I have named Margaret is top notch, she finds her way in thru the doggie door, found some straw made a bed while throwing straw over her back, making that space her laying corner, I put a large plastic flower pot and transitioned her spot a bit, but she comes in every morning after the door is opened has a mealworm snack hops into the basket lays her egg, then out she goes. But, she is boss in the pecking order.

  4. I purchased 3 of the Sapphire Gems from Rural King 7 months ago. Sadly two were returned the following day lifeless. The one I have left has had a rough time! Her name is Sweheheheet as she is such a very sweet girl; and yes she loves to be cuddled! One of the Olive Eggers as well as one of the Black Marans did not make it. 2 of each are doing well and I love them all. I have to say that the Sapphire is the Gem of them all! I am so worried she because she doesn’t seem to be doing well the past few days; though she has had ups n downs there are no vets here that will see her and I am trying all I know! I don’t want her to suffer she is so sweet and beaming with personality!


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