Red Ranger Chicken: All You Need To Know

The Red Ranger chicken has come to be quite prominent as a double function backyard breed. It is mainly a meat bird but does lay eggs if it is enabled to.

We have actually received a couple of questions concerning this specific bird, so below is what we have uncovered concerning this personalized little chicken.

Technically they are not in fact a breed, yet instead a crossbreed chicken created by the poultry sector for enhanced egg laying as well as meat.

Maintain reviewing this post to discover if the Red Ranger is the appropriate chicken for you. We discuss how to look after them, anticipated egg laying as well as a lot more …

Overview of the Red Ranger Chicken

red ranger chicken overview

They were presented to the market as ‘specific niche fillers’. Many people did not want to wait 6 months in order to butcher heritage twin function types, yet neither did they intend to increase dull Cornish Rocks for meat.

Particular info regarding the Red Ranger is as unusual as … well, chickens’ teeth.

This is a composite bird, the parents of which can only be hypothesized about, there is no company information about the genetics or family tree of this crossbreed bird.

These birds were built to lay even more eggs and grow more meat than the standard backyard fowl of the day, even more bang for your buck as it were.

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They likely took the very best layers of the day, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires and others and crossed them with the best meat birds– Cornish Rocks, Delaware and also probably others also.

Working with these as well as various other types they have managed to enhance not just egg laying however table quality by having a slower maturing bird.

Meat, Egg Laying and Broodiness

red ranger meat egg laying

Red Rangers are a type of meat chicken that offers a ‘happy medium’ in between dual objective types and Cornish Cross.

They aren’t as fragile as Cornish Cross as well as have much less developmental issues.

They are normally known as a dual function bird.

Nevertheless they are slightly even more of a meat bird than a laying hen.

They start laying eggs at around 16 weeks old, as well as, as soon as totally grown, will offer you 3-4 light brown eggs per week.

As far as broodiness goes, they are not renowned for going broody as well as will not breed real anyway due to their hybrid genes.

Red Ranger Breed Standard

red ranger breed

As this bird is a hybrid, there is no recognized official requirement.


As suggested from its’ name, the Red Ranger is red in shade– not the deep mahogany of the Rhode Island Red yet a lighter shade of honeyed brown.

The body is a solid rectangle-shaped shape and also their yellow legs are really muscular as well as solid. The breast is not so well developed leaving some to complain about the absence of breast meat (if increasing for meat).

Complication with Other Breeds

The Red Ranger is often perplexed with other breeds of similar names– Rainbow Ranger, Freedom Ranger, Dixie Ranger, Leader as well as Gingernut Ranger among others.

The Liberty Ranger is slightly different in that it is a trademarked ‘product’.

Essentially, they are all red griddle birds but they originate from various breeding grounds and also for that reason have a range of names. They all look pretty a lot the very same and also it would be challenging for many people to tell the difference between them.

Hatcheries have found out with time that calling a bird by an extra personalized label than ‘red griddle’ or product ‘T 143’ attracts even more people to the breed!

Health And Wellness Issues and also Diet Plan

This is a quite healthy bird in spite of being referred to as a twin function broiler breed.

Typically, the older sorts of griddles (specifically the Cornish Cross) have all type of troubles if they are allowed to grow to full size. Actually, several die from heart failure and other such problems prior to adulthood.

The fast growth and also weight are not lasting and also the bird will certainly die from its body’s failure to maintain it.

With the Red Ranger and various other newer hybrids, they show up to not have those concerns. Folks who have raised them have actually maintained them for approximately two years without noting any kind of considerable wellness concerns.

Feeding Meat Birds

As a whole, meat birds call for a different feed to laying hens. The protein content needs to be higher because they are growing at such a quick rate.

Given That Red Rangers are extra comparable to double objective birds, make use of chick starter/grower for the first 16 weeks and after that it would serve to provide 20% protein, particularly if they are cost-free ranging.

Along with their pellet feed, you can additionally give them a variety of treats.

Is the Red Ranger Right For You?

Red ranger chicken for you

If you are looking for poultries that will lay eggs for you at a sensible rate and also can later on be made use of as table fare, the Red Ranger could be your bird.

They are usually contrasted to the Cornish Cross as a suitable replacement for a meat bird.

Cost sensible, the Ranger will certainly set you back a bit a lot more in feed, however not that much.

Although they might live much longer, they do totally free variety and collect much of what they require from ranging.

While the Cornish Cross will certainly rest by the feeder as well as chasm themselves into a food coma, the Red Rangers actually prefer to be out as well as about foraging for food as well as they do a respectable task of it also.


If you choose a meat bird that has actually had the high-end of a somewhat normal existence, the Red Ranger will do you perfectly.

In Continental Europe there has been a substantial move far from the rapid expanding birds.

People have ended up being more aware of exactly how inhumanely much of the fast growing chickens were dealt with and also have proactively wared such therapy.

The Ranger will certainly live a reasonably regular chicken way of living.

If you choose to maintain your poultries a little bit longer than a few months, maybe the old dual purpose hens will much better match your demands.

At the very least you will understand that you will certainly be obtaining eggs too.

Altogether, they are an excellent option for a double purpose chicken, the only downside being the reality that they don’t breed real, yet I mean you can’t have every little thing!

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