How Long Do Chickens Live: The Ultimate Answers

Are you curious to know how long do chickens live? We all love our chickens, so we need to know about this matter.

Nowadays, chicken have come to be effective pets for countless people and also we desire the very best for them, so recognizing something regarding what to anticipate is actually essential.

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So, how long does a chicken live?

Based on World’s oldest chicken called matilda on Wikipedia:

Considering that the average lifespan of a chicken is generally no more than seven to eight years, Keith and Donna contacted Guinness World Records on July 30, 2001, to make them aware that Matilda was eleven years old and still in excellent health.

While typically chickens live regarding 8 years, the question of “how long do chickens live” relies on a lot of variables, consisting of breed, lifestyle, and also environment.

Today, we are mosting likely to take a look at the lifespan of the typical chicken as well as discuss some of the important things that can impact their long life.

History of Chickens and Life Expectancy

Chickens have not constantly been ‘pets’.

It is just recently there has actually been an explosion of people that have actually started out maintaining hens for eggs, just to find those bundles of feathers function their method into your heart as well as come to be household.

The ancestors of our hens were wild birds and thus life expectancy was short.

If they might make it through killers, appetite and various other harmful events, they can really live 2-4 years at most.

In the mid to late 1800s, guy began gathering chickens and ‘tinkering’ with them to meet human assumptions, the chickens life was irrevocably modified.

A lot of the wild habits were subdued, efficiency was boosted as well as chickens became a food source too.

So nowadays the lifespan of a yard chicken can be anything from 3-10+ years.

Their life expectancy can vary depending on a great deal of factors, so maintain checking out to learn why.

Lifespan of Chickens (Heritage Vs Hybrid)

Heritage Chicken

Heritage chicken are chicken which have been raised and reproduced normally with their very own kind. The benefits of heritage hens are several, consisting of a longer life span; they can be anticipated to live for as much as 8 years.

They are reproduced to be ‘natural’ layers so their laying period can cycle over 2-3 years, probably longer relying on the breed you have.

As their bodies and also hereditary web content haven’t been ‘intermixed’ excessive, they are likely to live a lot longer than hybrids.

To satisfy the American Poultry Organization meaning of heritage a bird have to:

  • Friend naturally
  • Sluggish growth rate
  • Have a longer, extra efficient outdoor life
  • Originate from pure supply
  • Must meet the APA requirement for the breed

Mostly all chickens, consisting of heritage chicken have at some point in their history been developed by chicken folk, but once the requirement is ‘set’, extremely little will be done to change the accepted bird.

Hybrid chicken

Hybrids on the various other hand, have been controlled by humanity to be effective layers. Their laying cycle is virtually done by the 2nd year.

They were produced specifically for the egg laying sector starting during the 1940s.

The objective was to obtain hens to optimize manufacturing as well as when they were done laying they were sent out to the slaughterhouse.

Regretfully, due to the adjustment of their egg laying capacities, hybrids are far more likely to pass away relatively young from reproductive tumors, egg yolk peritonitis and other reproductive system issues.

Industrial or business hens are done at 18-24 months of age. After this age, optimal manufacturing gets on the wind down and also the hens are considered ‘spent’– despite the fact that they will continue to lay for one more 12 months or so.

Monetarily they come to be a loss as opposed to an asset therefore are ‘retired’ to the abattoir to end up being pet food.

Meat birds have an extremely brief life. Some types can be butchered as early as 5 weeks.

Various other meat types such as the Red Ranger, can be allowed to grow as well as commence laying if wanted depending upon your needs.

To some extent, the kind of chickens is a factor when it come to life-span.

While in some cases I’m asked “how long do chickens live?”, the truth that are basically smaller sized chickens implies that their life-span isn’t much various than their full-sized counterparts.

Some breeds are designed to live longer than various other breeds, nevertheless. A severe instance are Cornish Crosses.

Since they’re bred to expand really swiftly, Cornish Crosses generally don’t live long. They’re generally harvested at 10 weeks old, and equalize till after that, they’re on unsteady ground.

Numerous develop heart or liver issues, and don’t expand feathers over their whole body, leaving big gaps for the cool to seep right into their bodies, eliminating them.

Similarly, breeds of chickens established to be regular layers (such as Manufacturing Reds) may establish internal issues related to laying extra regularly than other breeds.

So, How Long do Chickens Live exactly?

We divide into three things based on where they lives.

In The Wild

If not purposefully killed, as well as maintained in great conditions far from killers, the ordinary life-span of a chicken is typically no greater than seven to eight years.

I think that the average for chickens to live is under a year. Most chickens pass away fairly young as they are raised for maximal success.


chickens that are appropriately taken care of can live a reasonably long time longer than dogs, occasionally, although that’s rare.

It’s common for a hen in a yard setting to live 8-10 years, yet we have actually also listened to reports of chickens living as lots of as two decades!

Factory Farms

A factory-farmed chicken lives an average of 42 days.In the wild, chickens can live for several years. (source)

How Long Do Chickens Live Before Slaughter?

Unlike laying hens (maintained for egg manufacturing) which live for regarding a year, griddles only live for numerous weeks before they are butchered.

In the EU, the slaughter age varies from 21 to 170 days (generally around 5 to 7 weeks)6.

How Long Do Bantam Chickens Live?

Bantam chicken

You need to anticipate to see concerning 4-5 eggs being laid per week, regardless of the breed on bantam that you have.

This will certainly proceed for the first 2 years, but obviously will certainly not take place when your bantam is moulting. Bantams will live for in between 4 – 8 years relying on the breed.

How Long Does a Rooster Live?


Roosters have an average life-span of 5 to 8 years, though it is feasible for them to live to 15 years old.

The life span of a fowl is influenced by its atmosphere, Whether it has competitors, the top quality of its treatment and also if it’s enabled to totally free variety or not.

How Long do Chickens Live and Lay Eggs?

Chickens usually don’t just “quit” laying eggs when they reach a specific age, however they will lay less as they age.

That claimed, a lot of laying types will certainly lay more or less productively in yard terms for 5 or 7 years.

Chickens live up-to eight years usually, but hens only productively lay eggs in the very first 2, possibly 3 years of their lives. And on the industrial degree, it’s closer to 2 years, and also in some cases much less.

When hens are proficiently laying eggs, they’ll lay one egg regarding every 22 hrs.

Factors Affecting Chicken Life Expectancy


Diseases of chicken are currently far better recognized and thus, we as caretakers can do a lot of preventative things for our hens to maintain them healthy.

Bloodsuckers such as mites, lice and also worms can all negatively influence the health and wellness of our flock.

Mites will certainly draw blood triggering pain and also anemia, lice can cause skin inflammation and feather damage and worms can, in severe circumstances, kill a hen.

Preventative activities such as dusting and worming can be executed frequently or when you have a problem, whichever matches your style of administration.

If you are not able to do close examination of your group on a regular basis at least, I would advise normal dusting to stop infestations.

There are still, of course, diseases which we can not do much regarding, such as Mareks or lymphoid leucosis.

However with careful monitoring we can avoid the spread of such viral diseases.

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Chicken housing has come a long method because Granny’s day. Back then the chickens would likely share the barn with the larger livestock and make their living from whatever was readily available to them.

They might adhere fatality, be trampled by larger animals, killed by predators and a host of other indignities can be loaded upon them.

Nowadays in the yard scenario, they have purpose built cages that are made to maintain them cool down in summer season and also warm in the winter.

They are protected from the most awful of the weather condition and provided bed linen specifically for them– such high-end!

There is no doubt that having safe, secure and protective housing has broadened the life-span of a chicken.

Without drafts, warm, dry and also risk-free from predation has enhanced their lot not only literally yet emotionally too.

Business hens that are maintained in ‘stockroom’ kind conditions are more prone to breathing condition due to the close quarters and being inside with dust and also dander.

Fresh air is very important in keeping respiratory troubles away.

As we have seen in the past couple of years, Bird Flu has taken a big toll on the industrial fowl procedures regardless of precautions remaining in area.

Diet and Nutrition

This is an additional area where incredible development has been made.

Chickens used to subsist on whatever they might find in the method of grains as well as morsels, plus whatever the farmer could throw their way.

Today’s fowl diet is particularly manufactured for each phase of life– from chick to old biddy. Appropriate nutrition has actually played a remarkable part in boosting the life-span of fowl.

As a matter of fact, our hens these days might be a little bit on the ‘plump’ side from way too much feed and/or treats– this is something that is ending up being a problem for some types.

Obese hens are vulnerable to health and wellness issues such as leg as well as back troubles, heart problems and also respiratory system issues.

All deals with need to be given in small amounts as well as exercise for the hens ought to be encouraged in the type of reward games such as cabbage tetherball.

Way too much protein in the diet can trigger kidney issues, so from being scrawny self-sufficient birds, our hens are turning into ‘coop potatoes’!

Overfeeding aside, the nutritional worth originated from the commercially made feed aids to offer a fantastic begin to chicks and assists to maintain hens throughout their life.


The conditions in which a hen is kept will inevitably contribute towards her long term health.

A hen that is maintained in a clean, dry, cozy coop with ample food as well as water is going to live longer than her next-door neighbor that is maintained in unclean conditions, with minimal nutrition taking care of herself.


We have discussed above that the adjustment of types in order to take full advantage of egg result can have a dangerous result on the long-term survival of the types.

Bird reproduction can be difficult with types that have a tiny genetic swimming pool. Often birds are interbred excessively to the detriment of the types all at once; this plainly effects life-span.

Diligent breeders who generate brand-new supply from unrelated lines try extremely tough to raise the gene pool as well as develop some diversity within the breed yet it is a long and pricey process and laden with failures and also frustrations.

Veterinary Care

Hens were always the ‘inadequate relations’ of the barnyard. They truly weren’t taken into consideration ‘animals’ up until well into the 20th century.

Thus, little focus was paid to their well-being and health and wellness issues.

Thankfully much progress has actually been made when it come to the research study of the modest chicken. Because of this diseases and health concerns are currently far better comprehended.

Although they are still ‘as unusual as hens teeth’, veterinarians who concentrate on poultry are coming to be easier to find.

As the keepers of the group, we can do much in the means of emergency treatment for our hens.

The longer you maintain chickens, the more technique you will access taking care of their feet, consisting of bumble removals, medical examination, medication administration and also potentially stitching up little injuries.

Minor things can usually be looked after in the house prior to they end up being larger troubles that may call for much more extensive treatment from a veterinarian.

5 Popular Breeds and Their Life Expectancy

Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island Red

These are durable, prolific egg layers and talkative birds. There are 2 lines of Rhode Island chickens– one of the most common is the production line, so we will certainly talk about them.

As heritage chickens their hereditary makeup has actually been left virtually undamaged since the development of the breed.

They can live 8+ years in suitable surroundings and also with ample nutrition as well as care.


Silver wyandottes

An additional heritage hen, with an excellent genetic profile. If this hen is offered excellent care and nutrition, she needs to live to 6+ years.

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Golden Comets

golden comets chicken

A fascinating chicken developed for high production. As a crossbreed that can create an egg each day, they can actually lay themselves to death.

They are prone to reproductive tumors and also other issues, if they live to 5 years they are thought about old.


Orpingtons chicken

The cosy yard preferred! Orpingtons are a heritage breed so have a tendency to have longer lifetime than the crossbreeds.

Orpingtons are generally smooth and can live 8+ years under suitable scenarios.

Easter Eggers

Easter eggers

These beloveds are a cross breed or hybrid hen.

Nevertheless, although they lay vivid eggs as well as many individuals purchase them simply for the vivid eggs, they were never ever implied for high egg manufacturing.

This is lucky for the Easter Egger as it suggests they are much more durable than several hybrids as well as can live for 8+ years.


As a basic rule you should expect hybrid types to live in between 2- 4 years; this will vary from bird to bird.

Heritage hens are more probable to outlast their business siblings by numerous years.

The average age can be positioned around 8 years. Landrace chickens are specifically durable, self-sufficient and also have a broad hereditary base, so they are likely to live to a commendable age of 8+ years.

The oldest hen ever tape-recorded was Matilda who made the Guinness Publication of Records at 16 years of ages.

As a basic rule, hens that have good housing, food as well as treatment as well as are permitted to reveal their all-natural actions must prosper.

When they are healthy and balanced and well looked after their body immune system is in terrific form to fight off any feasible disease dangers.

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