Golden Comet Chickens: The Ultimate Guide

Are you considering adding golden comet chicken to your backyard?

Well, there are a great deal of things to put into factor to consider before acquiring brand-new chicks for your way of living.

The most common inquiry you require to ask on your own is that is the chicken meant for egg production or meat manufacturing? After that what exactly kind of breed is you interested in. these concerns will certainly be the very best guideline for your success.

The golden comet type is the most loved type of chicken amongst lots of chicken enthusiasts across the globe for many factors.

In this message, you will find even more info about the background and also beginning of the golden comet, physical attributes as well as reasons that they are liked by the chicken hobbyists from throughout the world.

The History

golden comet history

The Golden Comet chicken is not your average, every day breed. They are a cross type or what is likewise referred to as a sex web link type.

This kind of cross reproduction causes women and also male chicks that are easy to tell apart as a result of color at the time of hatching. They benefit the backyard chicken keeper who isn’t permitted to have a fowl.

The shade of the chicks make sure only hens will certainly be chosen for that flock. This alone makes the Golden Comet chicken a “safe” breed to acquire due to the fact that it is almost particular that no one will certainly crow who isn’t supposed to.

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Golden Comet chickens are a smaller type that makes them good for egg manufacturing just. The hens are seldom larger than four extra pounds and the fowls seldom get to a dimension above 6 extra pounds. As a result of their smaller size, they are ruled out an excellent choice as meat birds.

The one actual downside to this type is breeding itself. A Golden Comet will certainly not create an additional Golden Comet if her eggs are hatched that have actually been fed by a Golden Comet rooster. The resulting chick will certainly be a second generation of mixed breed chicken. These chickens seldom go broody so hatching eggs from this breed will certainly need to be completed through an incubator.

These chickens go by other breed names as well. Some of the alternate names that you might hear for this type of chicken are:

  • Gold Sex Link
  • Golden Buff
  • Red Star
  • Cinnamon Queen

Regardless of which name you know them by, this info will relate to all due to the fact that they coincide chicken breed.

Golden Comet Chickens Details

golden comet chicken details

The Golden Comet is one of the extremely effective crossbreed stress of high production brown egg layers. These are hardy as well as energised birds, excellent egg layers for any kind of backyard or ranch.


These energetic birds exhibit confidence and also persistence. They get along and also proactively pursue forage.

Speaking from my own individual experience, this breed of chicken is very laid back. My chickens don’t fuss in any way when I pick them up. The chickens are incredibly pleasant as well as curious concerning everything they see. They will certainly stroll right up to you just because of the easy reality you are there.

From what I have actually observed in my own flock, when there is a scuffle going on, the Golden Comet hens are nowhere around it. They are rarely entailed in “arguments” with other chickens.

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Even when they were more youthful, both Golden Comets in my flock never obtained involved in any scuffles. In the video clip, Marsala attempts to bully one of the meaties and also as soon as Rosemary, the Golden Comet, saw what was happening, she moved away.

Golden Comet chickens are sociable with strangers as well as don’t mind being held by a person they have never ever satisfied before. They are superb around kids and are a great novice type for anybody wanting to start their very own backyard flock of chickens.

APA Class

Not acknowledged; crossbreed.

Color Details

Golden Comets are shade sexed. Female chicks are bronzy buff color with stripes, and men are light yellow. As adults, hens are reddish brownish and also white, as well as fowls are all white to white with a scattering of red feathers. Legs of both sexes are yellow.

Conservation Status

Not applicable.


Cockerel 7.5 pounds, Pullet 5.5 lbs.

Egg Laying and Broodiness

golden comet chicken eggs

Golden Comets are superb layers of tool to large brownish eggs. They can lay from 5-6 eggs weekly which places them comparable with the Rhode Island Red hen. They have the ability to put out a whopping 330 eggs annually– that’s practically an egg everyday!

Real to their reputation for manufacturing, these girls can begin laying at 16 weeks and will continue to be extremely efficient as much as around both year mark, afterwards egg production will leave significantly.

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They will certainly rarely go broody. it has actually been bred out of them so if you intend to hatch out some chicks you will have to fire up the incubator.

This is where the ‘crossbreed’ component comes to be vital. You will certainly not get Golden Comet chicks from Golden Comet chickens, the spawn will be cross types.

Remember the initial pairing was a New Hampshire fowl over a White Rock hen. If you intend to ‘develop’ a Golden Comet, this is the pairing you require. In effect, to maintain your flock of you require a flock of White Rocks and also a number of New Hampshire roosters.

Are Golden Comet Chickens Good Layers?

Golden Comets lay brown eggs, and also they’re so prolific (they go down between 250 and also 320 eggs annually), that you can anticipate to have a fresh egg in your coop for each hen you have practically every day.

If you’re not planning on eating all these eggs instantly, having an ideal storage unit for them all is a must. Unlike other types, Golden Comet chickens are chilly durable (in fact, they do excellent with extremes of both cold and heat) and also you’ll likely have eggs all year.

What age do golden comets start laying eggs? Watch on them, because when they hit 16 weeks, they simply might stun you with your very first egg!


The type of chicken established as a result of breeding pure New Hampshire fowl and a White Rock hen. These chickens originated in the USA as well as they were established with the intention of production adequate supply of eggs throughout the country.


The Golden Comet is a cross bred: New Hampshire and White Plymouth Rock, both hearty twin purpose breeds.

They are crossed mostly for the convenience of sexing chicks at hatching, all female chicks being golden, but additionally good egg production.

The anticipated lifetime is 10– 15 years, but 7 is typical for a lot of dual objective types.

Golden Comet Chicken Meat

Golden Comet chickens could be eaten for meat if you required to cull some non-productive layers in their progressing age.

Nonetheless, they will not be the best meat bird around. These chickens are rather tiny, rarely reaching five or 6 extra pounds, so you will not get a lot of meat from the carcass.

In addition, by the time these chickens could be thought about for the dinner table, they will be a couple of years old.

This is long past the advised age for butchering chickens, so we don’t suggest elevating or utilizing Golden Comets for meat production whatsoever.

You’ll make up for the loss of meat production with all of the eggs you obtain!

Health Problem of Golden Comet Chicken

golden comet chicken health problem

Because the Golden Comet is a crossbreed chicken, it has been reproduced especially to avoid a bulk of breed-related wellness conditions.

Just like all chickens, you will certainly require to watch out for sure troubles like lice, termites, and worms.

These can easily be avoided by maintaining a tidy, sanitary cage as well as by treating with natural parasiticides from time to time.

Dust baths are helpful, also!

Sadly, these chickens were bred to be very effective. Similar to all chickens designed for this purpose, they usually have a brief life expectancy.

These chickens will not live to be 6, seven, or 8 years old as they might with other much less hostile layers instead, your Golden Comet chicken will likely only get to four or five years old.

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These high production birds can succumb to some problems connected to high egg production, as well.

These issues consist of egg yolk peritonitis, reproductive lumps, and various other similar reproductive problems.

Checking your flock is your best contended protecting against these issues frequently, if you can catch an egg-related problem early, you will be able to effectively treat it.

You need to additionally include calcium to your chickens’ diet to ensure they are laying healthy and balanced, satisfactory eggs.

Golden Comet Chicken Best Environment

golden comet chicken best environment

Golden Comet chickens are tolerant of a wide range of ecological chickens.

Considering that they aren’t excessively big, they succeed in the heat as long as they have lots of color and also water.

They can likewise tolerate the cool fairly well, as they have a good layer of downy plumes.

Nonetheless, as with all chickens of solitary combs, you will need to keep an eye out for frostbite on the combs.

Golden Comets aren’t huge, so they won’t occupy much space in your cage. On top of that, considering that they aren’t vulnerable to eliminating, they do well in arrest.

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Even in the cold weather, you won’t need to stress over your chickens really feeling “caged” they will endure arrest with grace as well as simplicity.

Nevertheless, you could wish to add a light to your coop during the chilly, brief days to help stimulate continued laying.

It’s likewise an excellent idea to bed your coop heavily in straw, as your Golden Comets could select to oversleep the straw instead of roosting to protect their legs and feet.

These chickens are additionally wonderful prospects for small backyards. Because they occupy so little room, they won’t need a big cage.

They also make very little sound, particularly because Golden Comet chickens are normally just raised as hens (no fowl permitted).

If you live someplace that has limitations on fowls, the Golden Comet chicken is the excellent breed.

How to Breed a Golden Comet Chicken

how to breed golden comet chicken

Many individuals think that Golden Comet chickens will lay well without any additional work on the part of the chicken-keeper.

While these birds have actually the genes required to produce a huge quantity of eggs, you need to do your component too.


You should see to it your birds have a lot of clean, fresh water and also great nourishment.

Feeding a pellet that is specifically for layers– which will certainly consist of added calcium– is advised, yet you might still require to supplement with added calcium in the form of oysters heck, as well.

You need to also do not hesitate to include other foods to your Golden Comet’s diet plan, too.

Egg production can in some cases leave all of a sudden in these birds, which is watched by lots of chicken caretakers as a disadvantage.

Setting up a Cage

When setting up your coop for Golden Comets, you must set the roost at concerning two to 4 feet off the ground.

Because these chickens aren’t specifically high, this will provide a lot of area to rise and also onto the roost.

See to it you have great deals of nest boxes– a minimum of one for every single 3 to four birds (one per bird would certainly be also much better, but most people do not have this much area).

Keep in mind, your Golden Comets will be laying nearly daily– although these chickens aren’t known to combat, you’ll wish to give them plenty of space in the nest boxes.

These nest boxes ought to be full of lots of bedding as well as need to be simple to clean.

This will certainly help you stay clear of egg breakage or your hens choosing to lay eggs in an alternate area.

Benefits of Breeding Golden Comet Chicken

benefits of golden comet chicken

There are many advantages related to raising a Golden Comet chicken, a lot of which we’ve already stated.

These chickens are prolific egg layers, so if you desire a type that will lay you lots of prompt a routine basis– and begin laying early– then this chicken is for you.

It’s also a non-aggressive chicken type, hitting it off with other participants of the flock as well as your non-chicken citizens.

Golden Comets are versatile to almost any kind of environment.

Even if you reside in a cool location, where your Golden Comet might be vulnerable to frostbite in its comb, you can increase these birds.

Just ensure you inspect each bird everyday when there is extreme chilly to see to it there is no frostbite on the comb.

You can also lower the moisture degree in your cage to lower condensation build-up in the comb.

Here are a few of the various other reasons you ought to increase a Golden Comet chicken:

  • Relaxed personality
  • Can be presented to an existing flock of various other chicken breeds (no position concerns).
  • Marginal illness.
  • Small dimension helps them endure arrest well.
  • Good complimentary rangers.
  • Stunning look.
  • Succeeds with other family pets and also people.

Challenges of Breeding a Golden Comet Chicken

challenges of breeding golden comet chicken

The major downside of elevating Golden Comet chickens is that it can be tough to create succeeding lines of this breed.

Since these chickens seldom go broody, you aren’t most likely to see any chicks hatching from eggs.

If you intend to breed eggs in your incubator, you can– and also you’ll experience a suitable hatch price.

You should not place a Golden Comet egg in the incubator presuming that you will get a Golden Comet chick.

The resulting offspring will be cross-breeds whose hereditary characteristics are thinned down from those of the parents.

To really maintain your flock, you will certainly require to breed White Rocks with New Hampshires– suggesting you will need to maintain a separate reproduction flock just for this function.

This decline can usually be linked to poor nourishment or a modification in the seasons.

See to it your chickens have lots of sunlight or artificial lights, as well as feed them a lot of fat, protein, and also carbohydrates.

Think about supplementing with fresh vegetables, also, for additional minerals and vitamins.

Natural Inquisitiveness

Ultimately, Golden Comet chickens are normally interested.

This can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage. These birds will certainly delight in opportunities to free-range by themselves, often discovering the majority of their very own food.

They can make fast work of tilling your yard for you, as well!

On the flip side, the curious, courageous demeanor of this chicken indicates that it might sometimes get itself into trouble.

You will wish to monitor this bird while it is free-ranging or enable it to do so inside a confined run or chicken tractor.

These birds aren’t understood for being terrible flighty, yet they are lightweight so it will not be tough for them to obtain enough momentum to get off the ground, into the air, and over a fence.

Once out, these birds might explore areas they shouldn’t, destroying flower beds or investigating the neighbor’s yard.

While they won’t usually do excessive damage, it is essential that you keep this in mind, as predators will certainly usually make the most of a straying surrender by itself.

Should You Breed the Golden Comet Chicken?

should you breed golden comet chicken

When you consider raising a backyard chicken flock, what comes to mind?

Whether it’s a gorgeous basket of eggs each and every single morning or a lighthearted chicken that runs up to you every time you get in the chicken run, then the Golden Comet chicken could be for you.

This bird lays very early as well as typically, making it the star of the egg manufacturer globe.

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It will certainly supply you with plenty of large, delicious eggs– and will have a charming individuality to come with that production.

This chicken is great with children, making it the ideal candidate for a 4H job and even somebody seeking a more docile chicken type.

For its output, the Golden Comet chicken uses up extremely little area. It’s the excellent prospect for a small backyard or for a big scale business egg ranch.

If you’re in the market for the perfect chicken type, you’ve located it– the Golden Comet chicken is among the very best egg-laying chicken breeds you can elevate.

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