Cream Legbar Chicken: Amazing Breed You Need To Know

The Cream Legbar breed is a British chicken breed virtually a hundred years old, however it is still fairly uncommon in the United States.

This uncommon, crested chicken lays sky-blue eggs, likes to free-range, as well as is friendly and also calm.

It’s just been in the country for a couple of years, so chicken proprietors are still finding every one of the benefits that this breed has to use.

If you’re wanting to broaden your backyard chicken flock, a Cream Legbar could be the best enhancement.

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Not just is this chicken suitable for family members to increase, but it will include some enjoyable color range to your eggs, also.

The Cream Legbar has actually ended up being a company preferred here in the United States at the very least, in part for its’ blue eggs.

It is a remarkable research study in genetics as couple of breeds have actually had their origins so well mapped.

As you might envision, the breed was not created over night, as a matter of fact it took several decades of research, study and testing to obtain the bird we know today.

In this post we discover the Cream Legbars’ temperament, if it’s suitable for your flock, its blue eggs and even more …

Cream Legbar Background and History

Crested cream legbar history

Prior to 1931, there was no such bird as a Cream Crested Legbar.

The story of this bird is the result of the work and also vision of two men: Professor R.C. Punnett as well as Teacher Michael Pease of Cambridge, England.

Teacher Punnett led the Reproduction Program at the Hereditary Institute for Cambridge College. Michael Pease dealt with him as well as when Teacher Punnett retired Professor Pease took his place.

Punnett a well known geneticist who took place to write numerous documents on genetics, was working on producing chickens that would certainly be auto-sexing, making sexing chicks simpler as well as foolproof.

In 1930, Clarence Elliott, a prominent horticulturalist, offered Professor Punnett some South American Araucana chickens that he had accumulated on his travels. These chickens laid blue eggs.

Professor Punnett, currently retired as well as operating at home, started crossing these birds initially with a gold penned Hamburg. Countless crossings as well as back crossings followed as well as eventually he created a cream colored bird.

The Professor currently had a color never seen in chickens before– cream. This was a development in discovering a recessive genetics.

Teacher Pease, functioning individually also stumbled upon the cream coloring in among his jobs. Both males crossed their birds as well as the Cream Legbar was ultimately born.

It was very first exhibited in 1947 at the London Milk Show.

We are lucky to still have this type around today. In the 1970s the type nearly became vanished.

There was no market back then for ‘novelty’ eggs, so individuals were not buying them. That started to alter when the extra ‘up-market’ stores started marketing heaven eggs.

Suddenly, the Cream Legbar was preferred once again.

Cream Legbar Temperament

Cream legbar temperament

There appears to be some dispute regarding the temperament of this bird. Some resources state they are wayward, worried and loud; whereas others state they are accommodating, pleasant and also easily handled.

Why the inconsistency?

Probably it has to do with there currently being 2 distinct pressures.

There are those that satisfy the original standards as well as those that can best be referred to as ‘production’ birds. In general, Cream Legbars are friendly, easily handled as well as quite friendly. They do have a wild side which is why they do not specifically care for confinement.

They are exceptional foragers, extremely careful as well as predator savvy.

Roosters can be hostile, particularly in the mating and also reproducing season.

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Legbar chicken is an utility type mostly appropriate for egg manufacturing. The cream Legbar chicken is a relatively loud type. As well as their voice is very like the Araucana.

They Legbars are flighty as well as often tend to be nervous. Chickens are cream or white egg layers, however the Cream Legbar chickens lay blue or eco-friendly eggs.

They are not considered as excellent winter months layers. Chickens are not broody. The type is great for free range system and dislike arrest.

The roosters are easily tamed and can be aggressive throughout the reproducing season. Review full breed profile of Legbar chicken below.


Cream legbar apperance

The Cream Legbar is a light fowl, with men considering 7 1/2 pounds and females evaluating 6lbs. It has a triangular designed body with a long, level back.

Earlobes are cream or white. Eyes red bay in color and the beak is yellow to horn tinted.

The neck is long leading to a complete breast. The bird is reasonably wide at the shoulders leading into a level a little sloped back.

Males hold their tails at 45 levels, the chickens a little much less. Wings are held near the body.

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The coloration of the Cream Legbar is a mix of cream and grays. The barring is most visible on the tail and also bust of the males. Ladies preventing is far more subtle as well as she might have some salmon color to her neck as well as breast.

Legs should be clean, yellow in shade as well as have 4 toes. They have an upright, alert carriage. The skin additionally is yellow.

Presently the American Poultry Organization does not recognize the Cream Legbar as a type. It is however acknowledged by the Chicken Club of Great Britain considering that 1958, where it signed up with the various other 2 Legbar varieties– gold (1945) and silver (1951 ).

It is categorized as an uncommon, soft plume light chicken.

Cream Legbar Egg Color and Laying

Cream legbar egg color

Cream Legbar chickens are best known for laying beautiful blue eggs.

The Legbar has three colour varieties: Gold, Silver and Cream. The Cream Legbar has a crest as well as lays blue to turquoise eggs.

It is taken into consideration a rare type by the Fowl Club of Great Britain, as well as falls under the Rare Poultry Culture.

Cream Legbars are very productive layers, averaging 4 medium sized light blue eggs weekly which corresponds to around 230 eggs per year.

Some resources mention they are broody, others disagree. Broodiness will for that reason depend upon which pressure you have.

They are autosexing which suggests chicks stand out at hatching out. The female will have a visible dark chipmunk stripe down the back; the men’ stripe is a lot less distinctive. Poorer quality birds will likely be difficult to sex.

Autosex vs Sexlink

Simply what is the distinction between auto-sexed and also sex connected birds?

  • Autosexing birds are those breeds that will generate children that can be sexed at birth. The chicks will certainly take place to breed with their kin as well as produce more autosexing chicks.
  • Sex connected chicks call for 2 various parents– for example a New Hampshire rooster with a Barred Plymouth Rock chicken = black sex link chicks.

The sex linking requires you to have 2 different types to pair up as the sex link chicks will not breed real.

Common Health Issues

They appear to be a healthy breed of bird with little in the means of troubles. The crest should be very carefully checked for lice as birds with ‘headgear’ have a tendency to collect them.

Whilst very rare, they can obtain a kind of ‘wryneck’ or torticollis. This may as a matter of fact be ‘Seahorse Disorder’ which is caused by a rare type of recessive gene particular to crested breeds.

Similar to all crested breeds, you must take care when presenting juveniles to adults. The skull is still not completely formed and a peck in the appropriate place can trigger brain injury.

Along with these health and wellness problems, you have the usual parasites which can be anticipated (mites, lice and worms). Routine health checks and also preventative actions will certainly maintain your birds healthy.

Is the Cream Legbar Right for You?

cream legbar

The Cream Legbar is a chicken that appreciates foraging, so if you can supply them with a location to patrol so much the much better.

They can endure confinement, they do not do if gracefully as well as might come to be wayward and also difficult.

They do tend to get teased in a blended group, so they need to be kept separate or with manageable, non-aggressive types.

Generally they are a fairly reduced maintenance bird in the means of special demands or care, so would certainly be perfect for novices. Considering that the APA does not recognize them presently, 4H is not an option at this time.

Children should not be near the rooster till it has actually been developed what kind of character as well as exactly how hostile the bird might be, this is especially essential during mating season.

If you are searching for a chicken that is different, lays blue eggs and is semi-independent, this might be the chicken for you.


The Cream Legbar chicken is now a firm preferred below in the United States along with its homeland.

The prominent lines of Jill Rees (UK) have been imported in the United States, yet unfortunately a few of these wonderful birds will establish you back many bucks.

They can be purchased less costly from some breeding grounds, yet as always, you get what you spend for.

We hope you have taken pleasure in learning about the Cream Legbar and also ideally you could add a few to your flock.

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