Can Chickens Swim? Here’s The Truth You Need To Know

Everyone is confused about this question: can chickens swim? and mostly they said no.

I need to confess, this concern had really never ever entered my head– I thought they don’t!

If, like me, you also thought chickens do not swim, you’re not the only one. It shows up many people assume chicken can’t swim either.

In the regular program of the day you can view your chicken drink water, possibly paddle her feet if she’s warm, yet swim? Undoubtedly not!

Well, as it happens they can swim, but mostly they select not to, for reasons that we will certainly explore soon.

Here’s the truth…

You need to discover exactly how chickens swim and also importantly, if you need to allow your chickens swim and the health implications.

Are Chickens Built For Swimming?

To comprehend if chickens can swim I thought it was best to compare them to a comparable sized bird that loves to swim: a duck.

Ducks are built to swim:

  • They have effective webbed feet to drive them
  • They have water resistant plumes
  • Able to ‘ideal’ themselves in water

These qualities make ducks such fine swimmers and also paddlers. They are developed to be stylish on water– not a lot on land!

Ducks also produce oil from special glands which they coat their feathers with, this makes their plumes ‘water-proof’.

Chickens however are not constructed to swim:

  • No webbed feet
  • Feathers are not water resistant
  • Absence the ability to ‘appropriate’ themselves in water
  • They are too heavy and will sink.

How Can Chickens Swim?

Chickens in the pool

Even if chickens aren’t developed to swim doesn’t imply they can’t try!

Chickens can paddle quite well without webbed feet, however certainly the strokes are not as powerful as a ducks, so forward energy is slower.

So it shows up that chickens do have an inherent capacity to swim.

It appears that it is built right into their survival system from long back; it is not an ability they regularly use.

Their feathers are not waterproof, they do not secrete the oil that ducks do– once they get bloated damp the chicken will certainly sink like a rock.

They must never ever be left alone near water that is deep enough for them to drown in.

If your chicken ought to unintentionally come under the pool and also procure out, she will require to be dried out off rapidly specifically if the air is great. They can conveniently obtain hypothermia and die.

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Something that will certainly affect exactly how well the chicken will swim (or otherwise) is the panic element.

While numerous birds will remain calm, some will certainly stress as well as can conveniently sink.

Indeed, it has been tape-recorded that chickens have drowned in a bucket of water (it wasn’t taped just how they arrived).

Chickens that are of a calm disposition are most likely to do far better at swimming that those who are high strung.

Like individuals, no two chickens are alike as well as what one may absorb their stride an additional will certainly have a meltdown over.

Should Chickens Go in Pools?

Whilst researching this write-up, I saw many of video clips of chickens in swimming pools.

There are numerous video clips on social media sites revealing chickens floating as well as swimming in family pools– the birds seem material to simply rest and also drift!

It is doubtful whether we need to be exposing our chickens to pool chemicals.

In order to keep swimming pools clean and hygienic, barrages of chemicals are included in the water: sanitizers, oxidizers, algaecides, clarifiers as well as enzymes.

Exactly how these chemicals could impact a chicken drifting around in it we do not know.

I do know it will certainly eliminate frogs … If you should allow your chickens float or swim, I would recommend a toddler’s swimming pool with all-natural water as well as some kind of stepping out area just in case the chicken requires to leave promptly.

Many people who maintain both ducks and chickens with each other, maintain a little kids paddling pool prepared for the ducks.

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As a precaution versus a chicken falling in the water they place bricks or cinder blocks around all-time low of the pool so the chicken can have something to tip on as well as leave the pool quickly.

One more suggestion is an increase to and also down right into the water– again the suggestion is to provide a leave for any type of bird or animal in the water.

It must do without claiming, if you place a chicken in the pool with you, don’t leave it not being watched– treat it like a little kid as well as check its swimming.

If the bird appears to be getting troubled, take it out as well as dry it off, remember, chickens can capture a cool and pass away from being soaked.


Chickens are much like pet cats in that, while both are exceptional swimmers, their primary objective is to leave the water as soon as possible.

A hen, if required to swim, will typically be, of course, specifically as crazy as a wet chicken.

Other times, there are a restricted variety of chickens that actually appreciate the occasional swim as long as they’re guaranteed easy access to land. Some chickens, on extremely warm days, have been known to in fact enter the water by themselves for cooling down swims.

Now that we have actually figured out that chickens have the capability to swim– either for satisfaction or to escape (most likely), we require to keep in mind to watch over them when they do venture near water.

While it may be fun for us to have cute video clips of the chicken swimming with the youngsters, we ought to bear in mind that water is not a natural surroundings for this bird. If the hen doesn’t wish to swim, don’t make it– be kind.

Can chickens swim?

yes, but that is not their habitat!

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