The Ultimate Guide: Can Chickens Eat celery?

So can chickens eat celery? I know this is very confusing for chicken lovers.

Many of them (including you) are looking for the best answers. 🙂

Chickens practically consume every little thing you throw at them. I’ve listened to other chicken keepers call them garbage disposals. I’ve seen them take food out of my youngster’s hand! They have no pity!

Love it or hate it, celery is a highly nourishing food. It is a marshland plant that has actually been grown as a veggie since classical times.

Celery and also its seeds offer abundant source of vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants. It can be consumed raw or prepared. Yet, can chickens eat celery?

Can Chickens Eat Celery?

The celery

Chickens can eat celery simply similarly they can eat other treats. Celery is abundant in crucial nutrients that your birds need. Most notably, celery is safe for them to eat.

Chickens have a distinct sense of what they can eat and what is unsafe. This is what makes them a special sort of farm animals. Besides, they are choosey and will certainly decline to eat anything that seems hazardous.

That discusses why they decline eating most of the plants coming from the nightshade family members. A perfect instance of such foods is eggplants, which include a poisonous substance called solanine. So don’t be stunned to see your birds consuming other foods and leaving others.

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When it involves celery, you can rest assured that your chickens will eat them. This sort of vegetable is healthy and scrumptious to both humans and chickens. It stands out as one of the most common veggies grown in various environments.

As a healthy and balanced treat for chickens, celery has a substantial amount of crucial nutrients. These nutrients can help your birds grow healthy and efficient. When combined with other veggies like lettuce and also kale, celery can become part of your chicken’s veggie diet plan.

In other words, yes, they absolutely can eat celery.

This doesn’t imply they will certainly eat celery if you give it to them however. Chickens can be particular about what they eat, specifically specific vegetables that often tend to be dull and also not the simplest to eat.

Remember, chickens do not have teeth. They can not break up celery, as well as it can be fairly fibrous and also tricky to eat. They’ll have no problems absorbing it, yet if you hand it over in long string they could leave it.

The Problem

Celery plantation for chickens

Chickens will certainly often reject specific foods, like plants from the nightshade family, because they recognize they are unsafe to their wellness. Celery, is a different tale completely, however.

Celery can offer chickens with vitamins A, C, K, and a lot more. It also provides your chickens a healthy and balanced dosage of riboflavin (which is a great resource of vitamin B Facility). And also let’s not fail to remember that celery is an excellent source of calcium … Ummm, strong-shelled, scrumptious, eggs, any individual?

The problem?

A lot of chickens will scratch around a stack of fresh celery up until it’s trampled right into their droppings and forgotten.

But Here’s the bright side Concerning Chickens and Celery.

Did you know that you can deceive your chickens into eating something? It sounds kind of rude, however it holds true. You can slice up your celery leftovers and also offer it up with their routine dish. Their interest regarding the unknown eco-friendlies will certainly get the better of them, and also they might attempt a taste– versus their much better judgment, of course.

If you’re fortunate, your chickens will get a taste of the crunchy green stuff and also try to find more!

Is Celery Healthy for Chickens?

Celery health for chickens

Yes, celery is healthy and balanced for us and chickens. It’s reduced in calories and high in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, as well as other good nutrition.

Celery in fact has around 12 sort of antioxidants, is abundant in vitamins, A, B, C, as well as K, and best of all it is a source of calcium. Making it a great reward for laying chickens needing a little extra calcium and benefits in their diet plans.

As long as it’s in day, you’re serving it properly, and you’re not giving them excessive, there are no drawbacks to sharing celery with your flock.

How Much Celery Should Chickens Eat?

How much celery for chickens

Not excessive. As we said; celery is extremely nutritionally dense. Chickens do not require a great deal to get all of the nutrients that they require. A number of celery stalks between a cage of about 6 chickens each week need to be ample to give them an excellent meal.

If you provide more than this, after that you will certainly risk of the chickens concentrating on the celery a bit excessive, as well as not the various other food that is giving them with the nutrients that they need to be healthy.

How to Feed Chickens Celery

feeding chickens with celery

While you could, theoretically, give your chickens whole celery stalks to munch on, we most likely wouldn’t recommend it. If you do that, there is no possibility that your chickens are going to be obtaining a well balanced diet regimen. Probably the most effective way to offer the celery to them is to suffice up right into portions and mix it up with a few various other eco-friendlies.

You might also intend to blend a percentage right into their common chicken feed. However, this is something that we really do not recommend. This is since the celery will begin to go rotten, and you do not want it impacting the remainder of the feed as you are going to be giving your animal. It will certainly make them ill.

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You need to just be leaving the celery with your chickens for a day or more at the most. Anything longer than this, as well as the celery will begin to go rotten. The chicken will possibly stay clear of eating it (chickens are great at not eating points they are expected to stay clear of), but you possibly do not intend to be risking it.

If your chickens are not eating the celery, after that you might saturate it in water a little before you give it to them. This will soften it up a little, which might supply a little bit of support for your animal.

How to Prepare Celery For Your Chickens?

Preparing celery for chickens

Feeding your birds’ celery needs preparation rather than waving a number of sticks of this treat at them. Below are steps you need to adhere to whenever you are feeding chickens celery:

Check To Ensure It’s Good For Consumption

  • The first thing to do when feeding your birds celery is to inspect its freshness and also expiry date. As pointed out earlier, you need to never let your chickens eat anything that would certainly hurt them.
  • With that in mind, ensure that you examine the quality of the celery prior to preparing it for them. You must do so to protect them from eating musty foods or rotten vegetables and fruits.

Chop It up into Small Pieces

  • Because celery is stringy, you require to cut it right into smaller items to aid your birds have a simple time when eating. This is because chickens don’t have teeth to tear, damage, or even chew this sort of food.
  • Throughout prep work, cut the celery laterally to make it simple for the chickens to eat while eating. When it gets inside the plant, the celery needs to be great and absorbable.

Mix it With Their Feed

  • As soon as you are done with chopping this treat, you should blend it with the key diet plan before feeding your flock. The primary factor for doing so is to avoid wastefulness of food.
  • Additionally, adding to the primary diet regimen will certainly guarantee that your chickens eat all food and not simply the deals with alone. The enhancement of celery to the chicken’s feed is a much better means for your chickens to take advantage of this delicious treat.

Feed Them in Moderation

  • If your chickens start taking pleasure in celery, do not be carried away and also forget that moderation is the way to go. Chickens tend to such as deals with as well as will certainly do so when you feed them celery. If you are not careful, they will certainly ignore their regular diet regimen and also pay a lot of their interest to this treat.
  • It is not a negative concept for your birds to eat even more deals with. However you need to keep turning their diet plan using different scraps. Bear in mind the 10 percent guideline that clearly stresses on 90 percent being the major diet regimen and also 10 percent the deals with. When you apply this rule as required, your group will certainly attain their dietary needs within the quickest time possible.

Questions and Answers

What is the very best method of introducing celery to your chickens?

You can chop this veggie into smaller sized items as well as mix it with their regular feed prior to allowing them to eat. Once they obtain made use of to the taste of their brand-new reward, they will certainly constantly crave it.

Can celery damage your chickens?

Not truly unless you feed them run out, moldy or rotten celery. To stop such instances, you can constantly take your time to examine the freshness and also expiration day of this treat. Otherwise, celery is among the safest as well as most scrumptious treats you can think of.


The short answer is– yes, chickens can eat celery. It offers some great nourishment, is simple to feed to them, and aids complement their total diet regimen.

All reasons why you must consider it if you have celery in your home. It’s finest chopped up and also included in their feed, but see what works best for you and also your backyard flock.

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