Can Chickens Eat Bananas? Here The Secret!

So you have question: “can chickens eat bananas or no?

Yes! Chickens enjoy bananas. You ought to just feed them percentages as treats, nevertheless, as bananas have a high sugars content. They do supply an excellent range of minerals as well as vitamins as well however.

Chickens are notoriously money grubbing and also will eat practically anything. The question normally follows what is really safe and also healthy and balanced to feed them? What regarding bananas where do these stand?

I determined to perform some research into the subject which I would love to show to you today. Understanding the important of diet plan to any type of family pet, this will certainly ensure your poultries live a long, happy as well as healthy and balanced life.

So, can chickens eat bananas? Poultries can consume bananas and also it is amongst the safest fruits they canister eat. Nevertheless, bananas should be fed in small amounts and also ought to never ever be fed rather than, or in change of, their natural and healthy diet regimen.

Chickens delight in eating a diverse series of fruits, vegetables, protein, as well as whole-grains. You can even give them the leftover scraps from your food preparation. Nonetheless, some foods are hazardous for them as well as should never be offered so you do need to be careful.

Allow us currently check out the subject better considering why bananas are risk-free to consume and a few other diet considerations that you require to be aware of.

Health Benefits of Feeding Chickens Bananas

health benefits bananas for chicken

Bananas have all type of various other good things that can be beneficial to hens. This includes:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Fiber
  • Folate

These vitamins are great yet you might have noticed I left a crucial one off the checklist above. Potassium, as it turns out, deserves its very own category for chickens.

Potassium Benefits for Chickens

The ordinary banana has concerning 450mg of Potassium. But, exactly how does that advantage chickens, if in any way?

Did you understand that laying chickens need potassium? Actually, German researchers located that supplementation with Potassium Chloride (KCL) is a great method to keep egg production in hotter climates. (source).

Now, in this case, Potassium Chloride acts as an electrolyte. In fact, the “Lite Salt” that you might find in your supermarket aisle is a mix of salt as well as KCL.

An additional research released in Poultry Science revealed that insufficient nutritional potassium, the kind found in bananas, can trigger substantially minimized food usage and also weight-loss in grown-up chickens. (source).

For chicks, researchers discovered that there is a relationship in between a chick’s demand for potassium and the healthy protein they are being fed. They found that the requirement for potassium boosts as the protein level rises.

Are Bananas Safe for your Chickens?

are banana safe for your chicken

Although that bananas have some nutritional advantages, feeding them in big total up to your flock can have some unfavorable impacts on their health. Chickens can delight in bananas as a treat, yet only in small amounts. This is due to the fact that they have a high sugar web content, which isn’t excellent for your birds.

Why is sugar content negative for your chickens? This is because they are not able to absorb large quantities of it. Which is the reason that you shouldn’t be feeding them a great deal of ripe bananas, this can be hazardous to their wellness.

Can Chickens Eat Banana Peels?

Banana peel

Before you feed your chickens banana skins, you will certainly want to be sure that you are not subjecting them to unsafe components such as chemicals made use of as pesticides.

Many producers make use of pesticides to manage hazardous insects and also these chemicals can stay on the peels long after harvest.

There are a couple of means to remove these chemicals prior to feeding them to your flock:

  • Clean them! – Similar to how we clean fruits as well as veggies before consuming them, be sure to give your peels an excellent rinse!
  • Boiling – Not just does steaming the peels make them softer, yet it aids to eliminate any of the damaging chemicals.

Although there are a few advantages to banana peels, your chickens may battle a little when consuming them. This is due to the fact that they are difficult and also will certainly call for some added initiative to pull them apart when consuming them.

For that reason, you can make it very easy for your chickens to enjoy bananas and also their peels. After all, they should have a delicious little reward from time to time!

How to feed bananas to chickens?

How to feed banana to chicken

In small amounts as well as not every day. One banana is enough for 6 chickens.

  1. In portions thrown away for them to pick at. Ideal cut or break a banana up so all the birds get some and also the alpha birds don’t hog all the deals with.
  2. Sliced as well as iced up as a cozy weather condition reward.
  3. Hung up as a distraction for the whole flock.

How much banana should you give a chicken?

One fifth to one sixth of a banana is the most you ought to provide a chicken in any type of eventually. Far more as well as you run the risk of distressing the equilibrium of their feed.

Benefits Of Bananas For Your Flock

Bananas, starting from the peels right to the edible part, can be a good treat to give to your birds. Although you shouldn’t give them a raw banana peel, they are considered edible once steamed as well as have some benefits to them too!

  1. The Peel – It’s abundant in vitamins such as B6 and B12. In addition, this external part of the banana has a lot of potassium along with magnesium which are vital for the development as well as growth of your birds.
  2. The Within – This part has a significant amount of protein, fiber, polyphenols and also carotenoids in bananas, making it an essential resource of nutrients for people as well as chickens as well.

Why Should You Give Bananas To Your Chickens?

Bananas have a number of various nutritional advantages and also are a simple treat to give your group. They aren’t bad for your chickens, but must be given up moderation.

When prepared properly, bananas can be a nourishing treat for your birds. No matter the quantity that you offer to your chickens, you can rest assured that bananas will give them with all the nutrients it has.

What Other Fruit Can Chickens Eat?

Since we have established that chickens can eat bananas, the next inquiry is what fruit, next to bananas, can chickens consume?

There is a vast array of fruits that are safe and also nutritious for a chicken to eat. Allow’s look at what a few of these are:

  • Apples (sliced or chopped without their seeds)
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • Pineapples
  • Cherries

This is just a tiny checklist of the fruits that chickens can eat. It’s good for them to be able to delight in a selection of fruits as well as keep their diet regimen interesting and healthy and balanced.

Some fruits as well as plants are toxic to chickens such as:

  • All citrus fruits,
  • Apple seeds,
  • Avocados,
  • Green potatoes,
  • Potato leaves,
  • Rhubarb leaves and
  • Tomato leaves

These foods need to never be provided, also in little and also restricted amounts.

Things to Remember

  • Feed bananas to chickens in moderation (especially with chicks).
  • Never utilize bananas as a key food resource for your chickens, it is indicated as a treat just.
  • The peel is secure to provide to your chickens yet they are unlikely to eat it.
  • Brown bananas or even mostly black bananas are OKAY to feed as long as they are mold-free.
  • Never ever feed moldy food to your chickens.


Following time you have a banana that’s a little as well soft or as well tough, why not share it with your chickens to see how much they enjoy it.

As I pointed out, as long as you’re giving them tiny items as a reward occasionally, there’s no harm done.

If it’s a mushy, soft one, do not be amazed if you see them wiping their beaks on the flooring after. This is how chicks clean their beaks, it’s not an indication that they’re trying to get the preference off.

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