Blue Laced Red Wyandotte: Everything You Need To Know

The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is perhaps the prettiest Wyandotte.

So right here’s a post on this perfectly significant bird simply for those that assume it’s ‘the bomb’.

In this article we talk about the background of the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, its personality, egg laying capacity and also if it’s the appropriate chicken for your group.

What is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte?

The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is an enthusiast shade with blue lacing – an uncommon shade in chickendom.

Nevertheless, the blue color in chickens does not reproduce true, and you might receive blue, black, or sprinkle chicks.

Wyandottes make a great dual function type. Chickens lay an excellent variety of large light brown eggs.

Are Blue Laced Red Wyandottes Good Layers?

Egg Laying – Wyandottes are good layers of light to abundant brownish eggs as well as are great winter months layers.

Hardy – The rose comb, plumage, as well as good body size of the Wyandotte make it well suited to cold climates.

Temperament – Wyandottes are normally accommodating and pleasant, yet some people can be hostile.

The Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

The initial Wyandotte bird was developed in the US in the late 1800s’.

It was created to fill a specific niche in the marketplace for a dual purpose hen that laid well and can be utilized for meat too.

The Wyandotte was initially bred from Brahmas, Silver Spangled Hamburgs and the ‘proto’ bird (the Mooney).

It’s additionally feasible, that two other types (Breda fowl and also Polish chickens) were contributed to the mix.

The first of the Wyandotte breed was the Silver Laced, other ranges complied with.

The Wyandotte ended up being very popular below in the United States, additionally in England as well as across Europe as well.

It suffered an extreme decline in numbers beginning in the 1940-50s’, when it was gone beyond in egg and also meat production by the ‘industrial’ hen.

Recent passion in the breed has assisted it to recoup in appeal.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Bantam

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Bantam
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Bantam

Several resources specify the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes were created back in the late 1800s’ by a Mr Heidenbluth of Frankenburg, Saxony.

Nevertheless, there seems a record in existence that disputes this, specifying that the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte was produced right here in the US.

Reading through this record, it would certainly recommend that as a matter of fact a lot of the supply of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes originated in the United States as well as were shipped to the UK where they came to be very successful.

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It isn’t a huge jump to suppose that several of the stock imported right into the UK was sent out to Germany where further breeding as well as refinement of the bird proceeded.

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes ended up being fairly preferred in Germany in the 1920’s and also in 1929 over 100 birds were shown at the Fowl Show in Leipzig, Germany.

It was confessed to the German Standard of Excellence in 1929.

At some point afterwards the German supply was imported to England and also ultimately made their way back to the US in the 1980s’ thanks to Lowell Barber.

Breed Criterion: Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte rooster chicken
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte rooster chicken

At the existing time, the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is not an identified variety of the Wyandotte family, although this is, I think, just a matter of time.

The criteria are being worked on by a dedicated team of dog breeders and will certainly be sent to the APA in due course.

Given that there is no set standard, individuals can basically offer their substandard versions of a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte without being ‘unethical’.

Generally the body shape need to conform to the basic put down for all Wyandotte poultries.

It would seem that numerous birds that are being called Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are barely adapting the physical features of a Wyandotte bird in general.

Wyandottes are broad backed birds with lots of contours to them and dense feathering.

The body is wide and also deep with a gentle ‘U” shape, sustained by short, stout legs. The legs need to be yellow in shade, as should the beak.

Brush, wattles, face and earlobes need to be red, and the comb must be a rose comb set close to the head.

Eyes are deep set and also red bay in shade.

Roosters ought to evaluate in around 8 1/2 pounds and hens at 6 1/2 pounds, although they may look much heavier, it’s all feathers!

Wyandotte Shade Genetics

Do keep in mind examining genes at college? I do … my eyes would certainly glaze over and also my mind went ‘walkabout’, so delving into the genetics of this bird has been informing for me– I hope the very same chooses you too.

I’m mosting likely to do an extremely simplified ‘breakdown’ of the components of the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte for simplicity of conversation.


Firstly, the ‘Red’ color needs to be a mahogany red– no other red serves for the base finish. Red is a leading shade genetics.

There are 2 sorts of melanin: eumelanine and also pheomelanine.

Eumelanine provides black and pheomelanine offers yellow/red (called gold).

You will get the deeper mahogany of Rhode Island Reds which is the needed base layer for the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte if you include red enhancing genes to the pheomelanine.


Lacing is the narrow contrasting band along the side of the feather.

Lacing originates from the hereditary make-up of the bird.

Generations of breeders have striven to obtain the lacing ideal.

Even so, complying with a molt, the lacing can be ‘smudged’ on a couple of plumes– this is normally brought on by ecological factors such as abrupt temperature level adjustments.

For a detailed look at the genetics of lacing, appearance here.


Currently for the fascinating piece– how to obtain Blue Lacing!

There are 2 blue genes in the poultry globe.

The very first is the ‘Lavender’ gene (likewise called ‘self-blue’ right here in the United States) which is a recessive genetics.

If you reproduce lavender to lavender, you will certainly get lavender chicks.

If you reproduce lavender to ‘whatever’ you will get ‘whatever’.

The lavender genetics requires two duplicates (one from each parent) to make lavender.

The 2nd blue is Andalusian blue, a diluting genetics, which is an incomplete dominant.

You only need one copy of the Andalusian Blue to make blue.

If you reproduce a watering down blue to say a black bird you will get 50% blue and 50% black, blue will not breed true even if you breed blue to blue, blue x blue = 50% blue, 25% black and 25% splash.

At this point it ought to be noted that ‘blue’ is in fact gray/blue as well as can come in 3 tones:

  • dark blue (charcoal).
  • blue.
  • splash (light blue/white).

As you can see, placing this entirely in one chicken is testing. Reproducing for body as well as shade perfection is time consuming and also exacting, this is why the birds are a little pricey.

When everything straightens correctly you wind up with a stunning Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Disposition and Health And Wellness Issues

Wyandottes are a friendly as well as mild breed, although not an overly ‘snuggly’ bird– a good enhancement to any kind of yard flock.

They can seem apart, however this will certainly vary from bird to bird. They are likewise known to be ‘talkative’, although this as well, can differ from bird to bird.

Typically relatively high in the chain of command, they do not put up with any type of nonsense from various other hens and also do not appear to be bullies to others.

They make good mommies as well as can be vulnerable to broodiness; they will generally accept any kind of eggs placed under them for hatching.

An extremely beneficial attribute if you want to elevate your own birds.

They tolerate arrest well, however if permitted to wander they are excellent foragers.

In regards to egg manufacturing, you must anticipate around 200 eggs/year of medium to large brownish eggs.

The Wyandotte chicken as a whole can deal with a reduced fertility price. This is obviously linked to the rosecomb gene– thus the shortage of good quality supply.

Or else the Wyandotte is no more prone to troubles than any kind of various other hen.

The thick feathering needs to be inspected on a regular basis for lice or mite problems and also dealt with accordingly.

Sometimes the fluff around the back side can obtain a bit ‘poopy’ and also may need a periodic trim. It may also require cutting to assist in mating all that fluff has a tendency to obstruct of points!

Is It The Right Chicken For You?

Since you have actually chosen you need some Blue Laced Red Wyandottes in your flock, be planned for ‘sticker shock’– a good quality chick will establish you back someplace in the region of $30.00 to $40.00 per bird!

Although you can obtain them more affordable at several breeding grounds as well as private dog breeders, in some cases the purity as well as top quality of the stress has been compromised by careless reproduction in a rush to produce countless chicks and also create revenue.

It truly is a case of you obtain what you spend for.

They are an actual head turner if you enjoy showing your birds, yet as formerly noted they are not yet an accepted range of the Wyandotte type.

As more folks exhibit the type it will become a lot more discovered by the APA and perhaps expedite their acceptance.

Like a lot of Wyandottes, the Blue Laced Red will certainly do well in a 4H setting, being of a calmness as well as consistent temperament and also forgiving of a variety of circumstances.

Being accommodating and also non-aggressive, they are good with youngsters and also they absolutely would make a vibrant enhancement to the household flock.

They get rid of cold weather actually well and are a favored breed in the top Mid-West and also North Eastern states.

They will certainly endure warmth, they will need a shaded area to pull away to and whole lots of awesome water of training course.


The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is certainly an eye capturing bird as well as would certainly be an excellent addition to your own flock.

They mix well with various other types although do not actually interact socially too much favoring the firm of their very own kind.

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes really are an instance of ‘caveat emptor’. If a person is supplying you one of these hens for $10.00– be cautious.

You require to check the total physique for Wyandotte characteristics, if you can, ask to see the moms and dad birds.

If you truly do not care that your chicken adapts the high standard that dog breeders are going for- after that take your pick.

If you plan to reproduce, select your chicken meticulously.

Coloration can be taken care of with time, body posture as well as skeletal problems can not.

Do you have these beauties in your group already?

They are definitely coming to be a lot more prominent with lots of yard enthusiasts who are trying to find something different in their group.

These article created based on this reference.

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