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Welcome to Delaney Chicken. Let me give you a bit of a background on who I am and why I have created this website.

My Life

Wayne Roberts
Wayne Roberts

My name is Wayne Roberts. I was born in 1957 and yes that makes me an elder in todays world. I was raised in a small town and lived in a small town. Sounds like a song doesn’t it?

I graduated from High School in 1975 and that was the end of my formal education.

We all get older we realize that education comes in many forms other than just a public institution. I have continued to learn and grow my entire life.

After a few jobs here and there I decided it was time to serve my country and off to the Army I went. I served 4 years in the military. The cold war was still going on and the east/west German wall was very real. I started as a Radio-Teletype Operator sounds glamorous but it was basically the very first form of sending an email. It took two radios in different locations and we sent typed text over radio waves. I was a small arms repairman and also fixed gas masks. I graduated 2nd in my class from a very intense NCO Academy in Germany. When my time was served I returned to Colorado.

I became a coal miner. It was hard work and I loved the job but my wife didn’t. As I looked for a new opportunity I was hired by the United States Postal Service and my career began. I worked as a letter carrier and union officer for 30 years. I retired a few years ago and now I am filling my time with the things I enjoy. Freedom to ride my Harley and do the things I always wished I could.

I’m a DIY guy and most anything I want to do I can learn about using the internet. Anything from building a chicken coop to adjusting the clutch on my Harley. If I want something done I do the research and I do it myself, unless of course I feel it is way past my skill range.

That brings us to today and my quest to become energy efficient. I have been doing some research on Solar Power and that continues. I started thinking why not take my research and pass it on to others.

My Goal for this Site

Wayne Roberts

On this site I will do all the research on raising Back Yard Chickens.

I will rate the products used to raise healthy, happy and productive Backyard Chickens.

I will tell you stories from my own experiences with my Backyard Chickens, from building a coop, to growing your flock, with all the problems and rewards that come with raising your own food source.

Imagine your Back Yard Chickens as a pet that feeds you. Let’s raise some Backyard Chickens.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Wayne Roberts

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Wayne. Thanks for sharing your research. I have a flock of 15. I live in Chicago and this is our First Winter. I also just bought 2 Ayam cemani chicks unsexed. I’m hoping to keep in touch with you about my flock. And Thank You for Your Service.

  2. Hello there, I am just getting started. Just bought 2 Sapphire Gems, hope I am a good surrogate for them. Have three more Pullets coming in about three weeks. Black Auatralorp, Barred Rock and an Eater Egger. I have an Omlet coop. Live in the city and not being a carpentry minded woman decided to do the easy way. Wash and go. Easy to care for, Our weather is still up and down, just wondering when it will be safe to put chicks outside. Also a friend is going to provide me with a kilo of Silkies. That should do me for a small flock. Any suggestions are welcome.


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